Freund-Finn River Corridor Easement


Name of Project: Freund-Finn River Corridor Easement

Location:  Stockbridge, VT                               

River:  White River

Type of Project:  River Corridor Easement

Public Access:  No

Date Completed:    January 2017

Size:   26.8 acres

Water Frontage:    2,552 ft.

Landowner: Riverain, Ltd.

Property Description: 

VT‐107 parallels the channel along the opposite shore, perched on the edge of the steep valley wall. This important travel route was washed out during Tropical Storm Irene, and is vulnerable to continued erosional damage. Stony Brook drains into the White River in an alluvial fan immediately upstream and across the channel from the parcel. The Freund‐Finn parcel provides critical floodplain land to support the dynamic physical adjustment processes of this unstable stretch of river. It supports the river in reestablishing its natural meander and flow pattern, reducing the potential for future erosional damage. By storing flood waters and capturing sediment, the floodplain land enables the river to dissipate energy, reducing the flood hazard for VT‐107 and for local homes, businesses, and infrastructure downstream. Where present, the natural vegetation in the riparian buffer provides erosion control by binding and stabilizing the soil, and supports surface and groundwater protection by filtering toxins, nutrients, and sediments. Additionally, the landscape provides a mix of upland, shoreland, and riverine habitats for plants and wildlife.

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