Confluence River Park Public Feedback

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Public feedback on the Confluence River Park
Gathered through public meetings on 11/8/18 (as part of the Conservation Commission Meeting), 11/13/18 (as part of the Parks Commission Meeting), and 12/4/18 at the Senior Center.
*The following are all comments, sometimes summarized and sometimes direct statements, from the public offered during the several public meetings on the Confluence River Park. If you have comments to add, please email Richarda Ericson at Additionally, if you missed the public meetings, you can watch the one from December 4th at the Senior Center here.

General Size/Space
• Too small (several comments)
• Extend to East side

• Easy access down to the river (North Branch) and the water for wading, boating
• Bike path access and integration with the bike path
• Boat access is a good idea, but don’t use up too much space with this
• Boat launch
• Accessible for a variety of abilities
• Consider how (from where) people will access the park
• Multiple use access (boating, fishing, etc.)

• Include a ritual performance circle for Native American & Druid ritual and performance (dance, drama)
• A circle surrounded by trees or standing stone (like ritual circle in South Burlington on the lake front)
• Labyrinth
• Standing stone circle as a central feature, like Burlington Earth Clock

• Visual downriver, and also of Capitol dome if possible
• Connectivity to rest of city
• Connectivity with rest of city parks (similar design language); not seen as an island park
• Connectivity along the North Branch
• Consider beautifying Shaw’s
• Art – some kind of public art there
• Important to see river from a variety of angles

• Sitting area – with shade and trees
• I would hope the parks has trees and vegetation to offset all the buildings nearby (lots of comments are about vegetation)
• Make things of stone so they can withstand flooding
• Places to sit are very important (several comments as such)
• Would be nice if there were different levels of seating (closer to river, higher up, etc)
• Trees, picnic tables, gazebo
• Big trees
• Places for kids to play
• Year-round usability
• Consider larger context to Montpelier & beyond
• Consider some way to address the fact that the bike path bisects the park

• Whitewater contest
• Easier access for fishing

• Anything that would improve water quality
• Stormwater management

• Interpretive signage
• Incorporate history of rivers, history of city
• Places to lock bikes/ bike racks

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