Vermont Travel Itineraries

Download these Vermont River Conservancy travel itineraries to plan your next adventure to our sites.
A kid enjoys a Central Vermont swimming hole.

Itinerary: Central Vermont Swimming Holes

Across Central Vermont, waterways tumble off the slopes of the Green Mountains, creating cascading waterfalls and pools. These shady retreats are great places to cool off – whether splashing with kids, taking a dip after a hike, reading from a rocky perch, or just relaxing beside a babbling brook.

Central Vermont Swimming Holes
Three boys sit on rocks at a swimming hole's waterfalls.

Itinerary: Family Friendly Swimming Holes

With dozens of rivers and hundreds of mountain streams, Vermont’s waterways are the perfect place to cool off. These swimming holes’ shallow pools are great for splashing and the rocks are great for climbing – a natural outdoor playground that’s the perfect dose of fun and relaxation.

Family Friendly Swimming Holes
Brook Trout

Itinerary: Northern Vermont Fishing Holes

Whether you tie flies or bait a hook, no one wants to give away their favorite fishing hole. These are a few of our lesser-known favorites where there should be plenty of room to cast a line, especially if you visit early morning or evening.

Northern Vermont Fishing Holes
Fall Foliage From Above

Itinerary: Vermont Fall Foliage Tour

When the number of hot summer days starts to dwindle and the leaves begin to change, plunging into cold water might not be ideal. Here are some sites that you can pack your hot drink of choice to enjoy while watching the colors change.

Vermont Fall Foliage Tour
Poland Covered Bridge with paddlers beneath it.

Itinerary: Northern Vermont Covered Bridges

Vermont is known for its abundance of covered bridges. Some of our sites have these charming crossings nearby and they are such a feature of rivers across the state. Next time you are exploring Northern VT, by paddle or car, stop by one of these sites!

Northern Vermont Covered Bridges
Water flows down a cascade surrounded by snow and ice.

Itinerary: Winter River Adventure

Winter may not seem like the best time to visit our rivers in Vermont, but watching ice flows, admiring icicles on streamside rock walls, and being able to view birds in the canopy with ease are all reasons to make a trip to one of our public access sites in the snowy months.

Winter Winter River Adventure

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From ice cream to gear to B&Bs – local businesses add color to any Vermont trip. Nominate your favorite businesses, hikes, landmarks, or attractions to include alongside river access sites.