Protecting Vermont Rivers Since 1995

Vermont River Conservancy permanently protects special lands along Vermont’s rivers.
Three kids at the base of a Vermont waterfall

Protect Public Access for All

Vermont is rich with swimming holes and waterfalls, places to paddle, and riffles to cast a line. We never want to see the day when “no trespassing” signs cut people off from their favorite river. That’s why we work to make sure every community in Vermont has access to its local river. Because waterways are vital to the health of our communities and the well-being of Vermonters young and old.

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Green heron on the Poultney River

Restore Rivers for Wildlife and People

Here in Vermont, our rivers will bear the brunt of climate change: more drought, more floods, and warmer water. When we protect land along rivers, we restore wildlife habitat and help provide shade to cool waters. And by protecting land and removing old dams, we let rivers be rivers — to have space to meander, flood, and change course over time. This helps filter out pollution and debris to keep rivers clean, and slows water on its crash course into downstream homes and businesses. Because restoring our rivers helps keep communities safe.

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Montpelier Confluence River Park concept drawing

Help Communities Thrive

Vermont has a 300 year trend of using its rivers for power, dumping, and development. We know we can do better. That’s why we work with communities — from rural villages to urban centers — to help people envision a different future. Then we support communities to create the vision they imagine, from building riverside parks and trails, to taking out dams, and planting riverbanks with trees and shrubs. Because it’s good for wildlife and people.

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Landowner Toolbox

Info for visionary landowners to set you on a path to protection.