Woman looking through binoculars.

Who We Are

Vermont River Conservancy permanently protects special lands along Vermont’s rivers.

Our Story

Our work started more than 25 years ago, when Vermont River Conservancy protected its first swimming hole, a place on the Dog River that had hosted generations of swimmers cooling off, anglers casting for trout, and paddlers launching kayaks. When private landowners threatened to post “no trespassing” signs, a group of volunteers stepped in to secure public access, forever. From this, Vermont River Conservancy was born, growing to protect more than 50 miles of shoreline for people and wildlife.

VRC continues in this tradition today, working to make sure all people, no matter their background, can access a most universal resource — water — for swimming, angling, and paddling.

Over the last quarter-century, our work has expanded to meet the moment head-on. Today, our work includes projects that engage people to “Face the River” in communities big and small, protect public access, and restore rivers by protecting floodplains, headwater forests, and removing dams.

Kids jump into a Vermont swimming hole.


Make sure kids, wildlife, and communities
can always enjoy the rivers you love.