Forested riparian area with sandbars and deposited rocks.

What is Vermont’s New Flood Safety Act?

June 20, 2024

Vermont recently passed the Flood Safety Act, a piece of legislation that will ensure protection of river corridors throughout the state. Read more about the act and the benefits it will have for people and wildlife as we see more flooding driven by climate change in Vermont.

Megan with a fish on the water

Welcome Megan Walker!

June 3, 2024

We just added a new member to our Board of Directors! Read about Megan Walker here.

Volunteers show off the boardwalk they just built.

Springtime Stewardship Successes

May 31, 2024

We've had a few stewardship projects going on lately. Read to learn more about how we are working at our riverside sites!

Water Wins: Protecting Rivers With Our Partners

May 21, 2024

Partner organizations make protecting rivers throughout Vermont possible. From holding easements, sharing project opportunities, and collaborating to protect land, there are many ways we work with other conservation organizations in our work.

Trout Lily (iNaturalist user Michael J. Papay)

Spring Ephemerals: Trout Lilies

May 9, 2024

Ever wonder about these spotty brown and green leaves that pop up in early spring and eventually flower? Read about them here.

Rocky stream surrounded by bedrock cliffs

Understanding Rivers Through Poetry

April 19, 2024

You can connect to your rivers in some unexpected ways. One of them is through poetry. Read about a poetry workshop participant's experience and personal relationship with rivers.

Journey's End Swimming Hole

Webinar Recap: Cool Off This Summer with Vermont’s Swimming Holes

April 18, 2024

Did you miss our swimming holes webinar? View the recording here and start prepping for swimming season!

Wetland inlet in the summer

Protecting Vermont’s Wetlands

April 9, 2024

Curious about lands that aren't rivers that we have protected? Wetlands are vital in filtering water and providing habitat. Find out more in this blog post.

Joiner Brook Dam in Barre Vermont

History of Vermont’s Dams

March 25, 2024

Curious about how dams came about in Vermont? Want to learn about different types of dams and their status today? Read this post to learn more.

Nulhegan River

Exploring Totality: How to view the total solar eclipse in vermont

March 13, 2024

Find out how to see the total eclipse in Vermont.

Students place Lego buildings on a blank city sculpture

Flood Science with Elementary Students

February 28, 2024

We recently taught an after-school class about rivers and flooding.

Volunteers create artwork with recycled bottle caps (Jim Deshler)

Barre: Art for Our Rivers

February 18, 2024

We spent a cold Saturday afternoon outside for our rivers. From storytelling, to snowshoeing, to warming up by the fire, there was something for all ages to enjoy while we created a trail entry arch.

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