DO NOT SWIM! Vermont waters are currently unsafe. Due to significant rain and flooding in most of Vermont on July 10th, with rains continuing on July 11th, currents are very strong. Also, most rivers are filled with debris, effluent, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. and are unsafe for swimming.
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February 23, 2012

Four newly conserved river lands are now included on our Completed Projects map.  These four properties were identified by State River Management Program scientists as important river corridor lands for permanent conservation.  They were all protected to allow the rivers to meander, to have permanent access to their floodplains, to restore vegetation along the banks to slow flood waters and erosion, and to enhance river corridor habitat.  Funding from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, Ecosystem Restoration Grant Program made these projects possible. These projects are examples of how the State is working to create a strong, beautiful and flood resilient Vermont.
Mad River Corridor Easement – Waitsfield
Jordan & Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity River Corridor Easement, LaPlatte River – Charlotte
Fat Rooster Farm River Corridor Easement, Second Branch of the White River – Royalton
Haines River Corridor Easement, North Branch of the Winooski River – Worcester

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