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Project Pipeline: A sneak peek of a few highlight projects

December 7, 2022
A child looks out over one of a dozen waterfalls at North Branch Cascades hiking trail in Worcester and Elmore, Vermont.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the projects “in the pipeline” – a few spots showing the ways we’re making favorite recreation spots even better, and helping to protect conservation lands along rivers in every corner of Vermont.

Missisquoi Wetlands, North Troy

In far northern Vermont, the Missisquoi River winds and bends through forests and fields just before flowing north into Canada briefly, then back into Vermont and Lake Champlain. Described as “stressed” and “impaired” by state and federal agencies, bringing back the wetlands that once graced these riverbanks is one of the greatest hopes for bringing back clean water and a range of wildlife. With the help of Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation and Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, we’re working to protect 50 acres along the Missisquoi, converting this land that’s too wet to farm back to high-value wetland.

North Branch Cascades, Elmore and Worcester

The Cascades’ many stone stairways, waterfalls, and swimming holes, give visitors plenty to discover year-round. But as delightful as these are, there’s an even bigger waterfall just downstream. Fairly inaccessible until now, we’re working with Hermit Woods to construct dozens of stairs to “Great Falls,” the largest waterfall along the North Branch Cascades Trail. Visit later this winter (parking is plowed) and find the new stairway near the southernmost trailhead.

Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area, Wallingford

Whether you’re referring to this river by its Abenaki, Mohawk, French, or English name, the gist is the same: otters live here. And with our help, otters and other wildlife will enjoy even more habitat protections soon. In partnership with the Trust for Public Land, we’re in the last stages of finalizing a conservation easement on nearly 350-acres that will be added to Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area.

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