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Protected! Nulhegan Wetland

December 23, 2022
Wetland protected at Nulhegan Pond in Brighton, VT

We couldn’t close out 2022 without protecting one more amazing place. And with your help, we’ll protect even more places like this in 2023.

Family at boat access at Nulhegan Pond Access.

Family at boat access at Nulhegan Pond Access.

Protected! Nulhegan River Wetland

This time last week we finalized the purchase of 13 acres along the Nulhegan River, a place we call Nulhegan Pond Access. Just off Highway 105 in Brighton, the site includes a small parking area and a few steps down to the river, giving paddlers’ easy access to the waterway. Boaters can paddle north through these 13-acres of vibrant wetlands, exploring multiple channels and backwaters en route to Nulhegan Pond, a wide spot along the Nulhegan River.

The area provides high quality habitat to herons, otters, beavers, and migratory songbirds.

If you’re in the area, consider a stay at Nulhegan Hut. Just a few miles up the road in Bloomfield, our 4-season off-the-grid hut gives adventurers a cozy place to stay year-round.

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