DO NOT SWIM! Vermont waters are currently unsafe. Due to significant rain and flooding in most of Vermont on July 10th, with rains continuing on July 11th, currents are very strong. Also, most rivers are filled with debris, effluent, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. and are unsafe for swimming.
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Meet our Stewardship Coordinator, Amanda

February 15, 2024

You may recognize Amanda as our Seasonal River Steward from the 2023 field season. We are so happy to have her join us again, now in a year-round position as our Stewardship Coordinator.

Like last summer, Amanda will be a friendly face out in the field, helping us get all the important work done on the ground. She’ll be monitoring our conservation sites, improving our public access sites, and connecting directly with community members via education and hands-on volunteer opportunities! If you see Amanda while out at one of our sites this summer, be sure to say, “Hello!”


Amanda Garland smiles in front of cascade falls and spring green foliage.

Amanda Garland, Vermont River Conservancy’s 2023 River Steward

Amanda Garland, Stewardship Coordinator

Amanda first joined VRC as River Steward for our 2023 summer season and is now our full-time Stewardship Coordinator, where she continues to care for our sites via field-based easement monitoring and land stewardship projects. Amanda has a BA in Environmental Science, with an emphasis on Terrestrial Ecology, and graduate-level study in conservation ethics, ecology, and natural resource management at UVM’s Rubenstein School. Backed by her rich experience as a service project leader, park ranger, trails manager, and conservation educator, Amanda brings enthusiasm and a can-do sense of adventure to everything she does. She loves hiking and monitoring the beautiful properties conserved by Vermont River Conservancy, envisioning how they can be best protected and utilized, and working directly with landowners and community members to engage them in hands-on work supporting our conservation goals.

Amanda is a local Vermonter who lives in Barre in a house she built (and continues to improve upon) with her own two hands! She loves planting trees and gardening and has a passion for long-distance paddling. (She’s completed all but one section of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, saving the Allagash Wilderness for last!)

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