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To Sit by a River

August 30, 2022

Like a lot of Vermont kids, my daughter had her first day of school last week. We greeted her at the bus stop, then headed straight to our local river – the North Branch of the Winooski – where we sat on a favorite rock, tossed sticks into the eddy, and caught-up on day one.

“Sometimes it’s nice to just sit by a river,” she says.

Whether you’re a 6-year-old kid getting off the school bus, energy sapped after a full day of getting to know new friends and teachers, or a “grownup” sapped by the day to day, our rivers are a place to refresh and recharge.

That’s why Vermont River Conservancy is so proud to have protected more than 50 places where people can swim, fish paddle, walk…or just sit.

We’re working to protect even more places to connect with our rivers, taking on projects from Bloomfield and North Troy, to Wolcott and Manchester, and south to Brattleboro. There’s a lot of work ahead, and we can’t do it without supporters like you.

If you enjoyed time on water this summer, I invite you to chip-in to help us protect the places you love.

Thanks for your support!
Kassia Randzio
Development Director

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