Confluence River Park, Montpelier

The idea of a riverside park at the confluence of the North Branch and mainstem of the Winooski Rivers in downtown Montpelier has been a dream for many residents and city officials for almost three decades. The Vermont River Conservancy is pleased to partner with the city to move this idea forward and have a place for residents and visitors along the shores of these rivers – to launch a boat, cast a fishing line, or sit on a bench and enjoy all that our rivers have to offer.

 Consider this a “before” picture, and the final Conceptual Design below could be an “after” picture.

VRC is working with a design and engineering team from SLR, as well as the City of Montpelier to reach a final design based on the Conceptual Design above. We appreciate all the community feedback we received during the Conceptual Design phase – thank you for those who attended one or more of the many public meetings and events, and for those who filled out our survey! We welcome and encourage members of the public to share their questions and ideas with us. While we may not be able to respond to every inquiry, we value your feedback. Here’s a link to our latest survey.

What’s Next?

During the fall of 2021 and into the winter, we will be going through a series of permitting and surveying processes. If you live in town, you will see machinery there at times to do things like sample the soil. If all goes smoothly and according to the timeline, we will have a final design and will be “shovel ready” to break ground in the fall of 2022.

What about in-river options, like a whitewater wave?

VRC is simultaneously working on studying the option of removing at least the dam on the mainstem of the Winooski River to ensure clean, flowing water and to provide the opportunities for in-river features like a whitewater park for kayakers. While this is a separate phase of the project with a separate budget, the resulting vision is a vibrant park for people of all ages and physical abilities and recreation interests to enjoy.

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