DO NOT SWIM! Vermont waters are currently unsafe. Due to significant rain and flooding in most of Vermont on July 10th, with rains continuing on July 11th, currents are very strong. Also, most rivers are filled with debris, effluent, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. and are unsafe for swimming.
Two people explore a wetland at Old Oaks Preserve

Old Oaks Headwaters Preserve

At the headwaters of the Green River, this is a place where people and wildlife will always be able to enjoy the old forest, wetlands, and quiet paths.

In partnership with Brattleboro-based Green Mountain Conservancy, we’re working to conserve a headwater forest that connects the former Marlboro College campus, now Potash Hill, with Marlboro’s village center. Generations of locals and college students have wandered the trails at this site, passing under towering oaks and past beaver wetlands. Soon, this unique forest will be permanently protected, securing public access for years to come and helping protect water quality in the Green River Watershed.

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