VRC Changes During the Pandemic

Over the past several weeks, our mission to protect special lands along our rivers has not faltered. It is clear to us now more than ever how much we rely on rivers for finding connection, peace, and maintaining strong mental health. Whether people are going to their favorite remote river spot, or enjoying a soothing video of water flowing over smooth rocks, we have heard from you how meaningful our work is to you. For that we are humbly grateful, and we want you to know that our work carries on. japanese .
Thank you for your support of VRC during these challenging times. Your donations are critical to our organizational health. For more information on making a donation, please visit our donation page here.

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We are following the State’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order by working remotely, but remain connected to you via email or phone. Most of our public access sites remain open and available for you to enjoy, following the guidelines below. Three exceptions are:

  • North Branch Cascades Trail: this site remains CLOSED to public use due to significant damage along the trail last fall. Please respect this closure – we plan to reopen the trail late this summer.
  • Bolton Potholes: this site cannot safely accommodate the guidelines below and is CLOSED until the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order is lifted.
  • Huntington Gorge Scenic Overlook: this site is CLOSED to public use due to the road leading to the trailhead getting washed out last fall. Until road repairs are made, this site will remain closed.

Please respect the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order by following these guidelines:

  • Recreate only within walking distance of your home, or drive no more than 10 miles to access a trail or swimming hole
  • Avoid crowded trails and swimming holes that do not allow six feet of distance. If a parking lot is crowded, please go elsewhere.
  • Leash your dog
  • Don’t visit public places if you’re sick
  • Avoid risky activities, so as not to put more strain on hospitals and emergency responders

We will update this page as any changes emerge. Wishing you all good health and moments of peace.

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