DO NOT SWIM! Vermont waters are currently unsafe. Due to significant rain and flooding in most of Vermont on July 10th, with rains continuing on July 11th, currents are very strong. Also, most rivers are filled with debris, effluent, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. and are unsafe for swimming.



Students place Lego buildings on a blank city sculpture

Flood Science with Elementary Students

February 28, 2024

We recently taught an after-school class about rivers and flooding.

Volunteers create artwork with recycled bottle caps (Jim Deshler)

Barre: Art for Our Rivers

February 18, 2024

We spent a cold Saturday afternoon outside for our rivers. From storytelling, to snowshoeing, to warming up by the fire, there was something for all ages to enjoy while we created a trail entry arch.

Meet Amanda Garland, VRC's 2023 River Steward

Meet our Stewardship Coordinator, Amanda

February 15, 2024

Meet our 2023 River Steward! Summer is a busy season for us here at Vermont River Conservancy. Amanda will be a friendly face out in the field, helping us get all of the important work done on the ground.

The Missisquoi River in the winter.

Winter Mist

February 6, 2024

Have you ever noticed the ethereal mist that forms on our rivers in the winter? Read this blog post to learn why this happens.

An icy river narrows, and is surrounded by large conifers.

Easement Surveying Adventure

January 31, 2024

Read about an adventure surveying a soon-to-be-protected river corridor easement.

Three people gather around an iPad to look at a map.

What Inspired our AmeriCorps Member’s Service?

January 16, 2024

Read about what inspires our Community Engagement Coordinator's service through AmeriCorps at Vermont River Conservancy.

Opportunities for Winter River Exploration in Vermont

January 3, 2024

Find a spot along a Vermont river to explore during the winter.

Scientists observe the site of a new park in Brattleboro Vermont

Celebrating 23 Projects Completed for our Rivers in 2023

December 18, 2023

Curious about what we have done this year? Read about 23 projects we completed in 2023 and how they contribute to our mission of protecting and restoring rivers in Vermont.

Vermont's Green River surrounded by lush green vegetation.

Sampling Macroinvertebrates on the Green River

December 13, 2023

People of all ages learned about macroinvertebrates and stream health during this all ages event in Guilford.

Group sits and meditates along the Whetstone Brook in Brattleboro.

Meditation along Whetstone Brook

December 6, 2023

In October, a group met to learn about meditation along physical and metaphorical floodplains. Led by Peter Gould, an author and educator, the group gained more experience with mindfulness.

Flowering riparian vegetation

The Beginning of Vermont’s River Corridor Easement Program

December 3, 2023

Learn from Vermont River Conservancy board member Mike Kline about how the river corridor easement program began in Vermont.

Camel's Hump expansion in the winter.

What do fish do in the winter?

November 27, 2023

Our writing intern, Maia, asks and answers questions you may be asking about how fish survive in the winter.

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